EPS Foam

Hoyle FOAM Products

Since 2015 we have been using EPS foam in a variety of ways. By utilizing high density EPS foam and our hotwire foam cutter, we are able to produce foam shapes useful in our fabrication process, as well as, offer hardshell foam products that mimic our cast stone material.

Instead of constructing arch or circular supports out of wood in your masonry projects, which can take a lot of additional time, provide us with the dimensions and let us cut one out of foam! It is cost effective and a big time saver.

Want some decorative cast stone accents on your second story residence or commercial space? Save some money and achieve the same effect by incorporating hard shell foam instead!

We also offer specialty custom signage that can be painted and brought to life! From production props to party decor, we can help you make a memorable creation to liven up any location for any occasion.