Behind The Scenes

Here is a look into our woodshop where the carpenters make the molds for our stones! A lot of time and precision is put into making our forms which allow for us to make a remarkable end product!

Here, you can see our mastermind mixer preparing a batch of our product, which will then be placed and tamped into our molds for production.

Our front end loader is being used to fill the hoppers for our mixers. Our highest quality aggregate is manufactured stone from Pennsylvania, which is delivered and stored in our yard. We refill the hoppers as needed.

Once the forms are complete and the mix is ready, the molds are filled and tamped. The molds are then carefully flipped and removed. When out of the form, the stones are then meticulously tooled by hand to perfection. All of the stones will the sit in our curing chamber overnight. By morning, all of the product will be cured and ready to be packed, wrapped and shipped!