Meet The Staff


Jeanette Reynolds

At Hoyle Stone Products we understand the importance of first impressions, which is why we have our wonderful Office Manager, Jeanette Reynolds, to greet you! Whether you are calling in to inquire about our product or stopping by, she is available to help every step of the way. Every client and order is handled with great care and she ensures that every detail from start to finish is taken care of.


Mallory Lepisto

As our company has grown over the years, we have implemented a number of new technologies in our equipment to help us remain at the cutting edge of our industry. Our Vice President, Mallory Lepisto, is skilled in the operation of these new tools and oversees the projects when they are put into motion from the approval stage into the design process.

rob tanis

Rob Tanis

The quality and precision of each stone begins with accuracy of the form, which are custom made in our pattern department. Our Pattern Department Manager and Technical Director, Rob Tanis, has years of experience thinking outside the box, helping take your vision from paper into reality. Whether working with simple shapes or intricate designs, we have the perfect team in place to tackle any job.

calvin p

Calvin P. Bladen Jr.​​

With a variety of work rolling through our doors, organization and quality control are so important in our success. The production crew is dedicated in making every stone excellent, upholding our high standards and reputation. Our Production Manager, Calvin P. Bladen Jr., supervises every aspect of manufacturing and provides the necessary leadership and management to make our product something to be proud of.

production crew

Production Crew​​​

Without a dependable, hardworking production crew Hoyle Stone could not operate. Our team of driven and dependable individuals is what allows for making quality precast possible. Each stone is made with such precision and care, it really shows in our end product and is something we can all take a lot of pride in.